One of the best decisions I have ever made for my marriage was to have my wife and I join Pilates by Sudha. I initially wanted to just have an activity that we could do together but it has turned in to far more than just a couple’s activity.  We started in January of 2014 and we each take one-hour sessions with Sudha.  I can truly say that this is time well spent and has given us so many health benefits.  Sudha has a wealth of knowledge about Pilates and how it helps with body conditioning and changes each session to fit your individual needs. She has an engaging personality, which makes each session fun.  Sudha has all the equipment necessary to cater to your needs so if you are looking for strength and endurance training, core alignment, muscle rehabilitation, flexibility, mat sessions, better body balance or anything similar Sudha can help you. I remember that before I started sessions with Sudha I had trouble running and would always have a lower back pain after trying to run. Sudha strengthened my legs and glutes and now I run and never experience back problems after my run. Thanks Sudha for all that you have done for my wife and I. We are forever grateful to you.

Carl Jenkins

Doing pilates regularly with Sudha as my pilates instructor for almost six years now has transformed my life for the better.  I had enjoyed some group mat pilates sessions before starting individual lessons with Sudha, but I found the benefit of one-on-one sessions to be considerably greater.  Sudha is able to tailor her sessions to your body’s needs and particular problem areas, and on several occasions, she has helped to cure specific injuries or muscle strains I have suffered from, including a very painful frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, through customized exercises.  Sudha’s home-studio has state of the art pilates equipment, including a reformer and CoreAlign machine, but I have also really enjoyed her live online mat sessions during the extended circuit-breaker period in Singapore.  Sudha regularly enhances her teaching with new skills and techniques she learns through numerous professional courses she undertakes.  Doing pilates regularly with Sudha not only improves my core strength, spine alignment, and overall immunity, but it really helps me de-stress as well. 

Mallika Ramdas

From pregnancy to postpartum, Sudha had really helped me navigate the unfamiliar bodily changes I was experiencing. I really appreciate that she has a great understanding of the body and has helped resolve aches and pains I didn’t know what to get rid of. Through my many private sessions with her, no two sessions are the same. She’s able to keep it fresh and at the same time, tailor it to suit my needs and work within my limitations. She is intuitive, attentive and encouraging. I’m really glad I was referred to her and I look forward to many more sessions together!

Christa Yeo

My daughter (10) took private reformer and mat classes with Sudha and not only did she enjoy the classes but she increased her core and upper body strength quite quickly. Sudha is kind and gentle, and made the classes engaging and fun. She had many different exercises and equipment prepared to keep my daughter interested and helped my daughter to become more aware of her body and its movements. 

I have had the lovely experience of private reformer, Gyrotonic and mat classes with Sudha and have taken her group classes at some studios as well. Sudha is quite frankly, amazing! She really knows her stuff, and I have come away from her sessions with much more than I expected. I am not someone who enjoys exercising but working out with Sudha is a lot of fun and I look forward to it every week.

Uttara Gelhaus

I joined Sudha’s individual pilates class in 2017 with no prior knowledge of pilates. Sudha’s warm personality and encouraging words created a very joyful atmosphere for a beginner like me. Her attentiveness to small details of each exercise, the needs and ability of her participant demonstrates her professionalism to a great extent. She will observe closely and correct me immediately if she notices that I am not doing the exercise correctly as injury is the last thing she wants to happen. After 3-4 months of her guidance, I saw great improvement in my posture, strength and flexibility. Thank you Sudha.

Fiona Ow Yeong

Sudha is very patient and encouraging. She gives clear instructions and increases the intensity of the workout as I get stronger.  Great workout by a fabulous instructor!  

Teresa Smith

Sudha has been my Pilates trainer since mid-2018. I have taken both private and group classes with her and always look forward to my sessions. She is a wonderful trainer, who is very patient, encouraging and tailors workouts to her clients’ specific needs and abilities during each session. This was especially helpful whenever I sustained injuries – her training made the recovery from these injuries that much faster and in a safe manner. I am also very grateful for her tips on simple exercises one could do with minimal to no equipment at home or in the office. These have been a lifesaver during long hours at work. Since training with Sudha, my posture, flexibility and overall strength have improved considerably, and I am very grateful for that. I also recommended Sudha’s Pilates sessions to my mom because she was having knee issues. After several months of private classes with Sudha, her knees were significantly better. Thank you once again, Sudha!

Jayashri Lokarajan

Started pilates with Sudha in 2018.
Sudha has always been very patient, guiding me slowly to achieve the correct postures without getting hurt. She’s always checking on our needs; like what would we like to learn or strengthen. After some lessons, I find that I can climb stairs better without feeling the strain on my knees and calves and also know how to control or use certain muscles.

Melinda Lock